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Time, Tasks, Projects, Customers, Communication

Manage your day.
Wherever you work.

DAISHO - Ready to Compete.

Successful freelancers use time management software

Software for Freelance Professionals

In the knowledge economy of the 21st century, the competitive battle is not won by the masses anymore. Today, the deciding factor is the highly skilled individual.

You make the difference based on your knowledge, your expertise and your professionalism.

Whether you are an independent consultant, a freelance software developer, writer or designer: you work project-oriented, you are flexible and mobile - and you need to be.

It's a tough world out there, but you will make your way.

DAISHO is the tool to help you succeed. More..

Manage Your Day

Parallel projects, tight deadlines, customer acquisition and growing your personal network - and don't forget your private life. With DAISHO, you have everything under control. Synchronize your data with your smartphone/PDA and stay up to date. More...

Wherever you work

DAISHO starts from a USB stick, without the need for a local installation. Use it on any computer with a USB port, independent of Internet connectivity. Have your critical information with you - at your customers, in the office, at home or on the road. More...


Whatever you use

DAISHO is available for all major operting systems. Windows,  Mac or Linux - you just need one license for three platforms. Windows in the office, and Mac on the road? Put DAISHO on a USB stick, and use it on every platform. More...



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  • April, 11th, 2012: Daisho Version 4.5 now supports the IMAP mail protocol... see article
  • May, 12th, 2011: Daisho Blacksmith publishes Sync Release DAISHO 4.2 / SyncML server DAISHOSync launched / free version of DAISHO... see article
  • May, 6th, 2011: worldwide more than 50.000 Downloads of PIM Tool DAISHO see article
  • April, 5th, 2011: Daisho Blacksmith supports start-up entrepreneurs see article
  • March, 28th, 2011: Productivity Software DAISHO free of charge for Linux users see article
  • February, 23rd,2011: Daisho Blacksmith completes successful Beta Test Phase see article
  • December, 10th, 2010: Beta version of the DAISHO PIM software tool V4 with Smartphone Sync released, see article
  • December, 6th, 2010: Daisho Blacksmith establishes support community and bundles customer service see article

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